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I started really late in life to take my art serious and even now I am not to much interested in the art side of what I am doing. What I am aiming at is to make things that take me, fascinate me, haunt me. That I can fall in love with or be scared off. It might be called art, but that is not the main thing.

Art to me is always always about life. About a knock on its door. Giving it an opportunity to make it deeper and richer. That means it can go both sides: the light and the dark side. Both count. The falling and the rising. I tend to choose for one of them but learned that both have to be involved to make a piece strong. It is about feeling both extremes, not about the extremes themselves. Falling and rising, Chaos and Harmony, the wild and the cultivated, the coming to live and the dying. It looks if art is always trying them out, bringing them together, seeking the opposites to resonate. In the balancing point is where beauty is found.

I have always been completely insecure about what I make. Feeling desperate for days or weeks. Knowing for sure that what I make is hopelessly stupid. And in between, every now and then, an island is showing up. Showing how absolutely great some of the work I made is. And after having lived for some times on this island, recuperating, sometimes only days, or weeks rarely months, I get sail again.

Back into the ever fascinating wild and deep ocean of creative and personal insecurity. That is what artists
do I suppose. And as an artist you should be able to live that kind of live. Always dreaming about the perfect Island that will keep you forever. And the ocean that will challenge you.

One of the amazing, totally addictive things about making art is the process of giving life to something that seconds before was only stuff, dead material.

Art is a process. Good paintings are. They lure you in, step by step. They slap you in the face, whisper or whatever to get you off track, to break your contact with the outer world. And than they poison you, drug you, show you deepness, richness, mystery. And the good ones are able to do it even when they are out of sight. A memory as a virus developing in your body. It can take years before they will let you go. Or they take you forever.

More than before I take time to contemplate and to like my own work. To fall in love. Days, months or even longer.
A very strange and fascinating process.

Beauty is something that happens. It is an evolving happening, a process in time. More or less like falling in love is, or feeling happy. It floats.

The dance: chaotic harmony (not the other way around)
falling and rising, the lujo salvaje.

Lujo Salvaje. It is the wild that offers real luxury.
The beach, the ocean, a fire, crispy cold mornings, sunshine, storms, afternoon light, sunsets.

La Innocencia. Could we live our adults life in the spirit of a 7 years old, we would be the happiest, on probably the most succesfull people on the planet.

Simple, deep, rich. Nothing is more appealing than something very simple which is full of complex, deep, richness in the same time. Like nature. A flower, a bone, a shell. It is simple and clear but holds a cosmos of details and wonders.

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