To me, painting is about beauty. And beauty is a lot more complicated than I ever thought.

Interesting is that beauty is recognized, perceived. As if it is hidden. Beauty is always time-bound. Every époque has its beauty, from prehistoric till today. And looking more in close up, every cultural group and sub cultural group has its own. Beauty as such exists, beauty as an ideal is and will always be in the center of every culture, and it is never fixed, always transforms. Beauty needs to be replaced, time over time, it wears out, vanishes as to a point that ‘nobody’ understands why some image ever has been perceived as beautiful. Beauty doesn’t exists as such, it is an awareness. A projected sensibility. read_more

I am working to find my beauty. Most of the time, it is beauty as it comes. Working, it filters out, or filters in, I can’t really say. The most difficult thing is to make paintings fresh, strong and honest. Making them personalities. Making them authentic. Maybe those are my standards of beauty. Those are only words that give some direction of my working process, my fascination. The real process of painting is an ongoing evolutionary process of creating and destroying. Of evoking and erasing. Of opposing and surrender.

Being a creator, of beauty, to me there is no other way than to ‘sit’, work, and let the beauty enter. Being beautiful, ugly, subtle, sentimental, independent, naive, smart or whatever. Beauty is created by allowing it to enter. My beauty is beauty as it comes. And I paint knowing that the readiness is all. back_to_begintxt